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[audio]Captain Ralph-Scumbag may 2014 - Captain Ralph
Captain Ralph"Scum Bag"May 2014Eye Machine Recordingslyrics, music, samples, mix, etc by captain ralph, Mar 13 and 23 2014.recorded to cassette at the mt washington cemetery studio, cincinnati, ohiocopyright 2014 to eye machine recordings and s. tetraulttracks1. Cold Crows2. Circus3. Untitled I4. Windswept Sugardipped5. Pixie Stick6. Actual Porcelain Ductwork7. Untitled II8. Robert Mugabe Sound Collage9...
Keywords: captain ralph; captain missouri; lofi; tape; home recording; songwriter; weird; underground; diy; cincinnati; ohio; 2014; eye machine recordings
Downloads: 11
[audio]Brain with G-TY Beanie Winny February 2014 - Brain with G
BRAIN with G"TY BEANIE WINNY"online single releasefeb 2014eye machine recordingseyemachinerecordings.blogspot.compersonel:captain missouri-synth/samplesc russell lewis-chord organg-tenor guitar MORE COMING SOON
Keywords: noise; lofi; single; 2014; collaboration; brain; eye machine recordings; experimental; sample; hebrew; synth; online; underground; cincinnati; ohio; diy
Downloads: 11
[audio]Hes A Trill Nowhere Man - Schizoid Ops
SCHIZOID OPSHES A TRILL NOWHERE MANsep 2013online releaseEYE MACHINE RECORDINGShttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comeyemachinerecordings@gmail.comarchive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingsremixes of: (BRIAN ENO)(UGLY CASANOVA)(CAKE)(DEAD PREZ AND OUTLAWZ)(GNARLS BARKLEY)(GOODIE MOB)(DAVID BOWIE)tracklist:total 1:08:031. BACK IN JUDYS JUNGLE(BRIAN ENO)2. BURNING AIRLINES GIVE YOU SO MUCH MORE(BRIAN ENO)3...
Keywords: schizoid ops; remix; chop and screw; slow down; drag; lean; captain missouri; cincinnati; eye machine recordings; free; lofi; diy; lo fi; ohio; 2013; underground
Downloads: 27
Eye Machine Recordingspresents"AMPHETAMINE EARTHGUN"public ebook released oct 31 2013everything herein copyright 2013, s. tetrault and eye machine recordingsour author RALPH K. RALPH developed what you see here during the second half of our year, 2013. herein you will view images and words. nothing here has been medically verifiedill effects could result if taken internallysequence:PART 1, BOOK00 ralph k ralph01 front cover02 information and sequence03 ghetto gospel 04 illuminati rituals05 im no...
Keywords: book; ebook; meme; macro; jpg; ralph ralph; captain missouri; amphetamine; poetry; art; poems; diy; self published; cincinnati; ohio; underground; 2013
Downloads: 31
[audio]I Could Hold All My Hands - Ralph K Ralph
RALPH K. RALPH"HOLD ALL MY HANDS"albumsep 2013oct 2013Eye Machine Recordingshttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comeyemachinerecordings@gmail.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingsinfo: sample based instrumental songs + morelength:tracklist:1. I COULD HOLD ALL MY HANDS(4:37)2. UNCLE BRASH BOTTLE(1:19)3. EVERYBODY BENT OVER TWICE(1:26)4. WASHER AND DRYER(2:00)5. GLORY TO THE LAMB(2:09)6...
Keywords: ralph k ralph; eye machine recordings; free; lofi; lo fi; samples; noise; experimental; cincinnati; diy; ohio; 2013; captain missouri; underground; wav
Downloads: 35
[audio]Schizoid Ops Hand Of God August 2013 - Schizoid Ops
SCHIZOID OPSHAND OF GODSCHIZOID OPSHAND OF GODonline releaseaugust 2013EYE MACHINE RECORDINGShttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comeyemachinerecordings@gmail.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingsremixes of: (WEEN)(DONOVAN)(DAVID BOWIE)(DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE)(DIO)(BEATLES)(NICK DRAKE)(CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL)total: 49:561. HELP ME SCRAPE THE MUCUS OFF MY BRAIN(WEEN)2. THE TRIP(DONOVAN)3.MAID OF BOND STREET(DAVID BOWIE)4...
Keywords: schizoid ops; remix; drag; chopped and screwed; eye machine recordings; 2013; lofi; diy; ohio; cincinnati; underground; etc
Downloads: 165
[audio]Schizoid Ops Death Seperator August 2013 - Schizoid Ops
SCHIZOID OPSDEATH SEPERATORSCHIZOID OPSDEATH SEPERATORonline releaseaugust2013eye machine recordingseyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comarchive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingseyemachinerecordings@gmail.comremixes of:(THE RAMONES)(WHITE STRIPES)(SUFJAN STEVENS)(BLUE CHEER)(GUIDED BY VOICES)(JETHRO TULL)length:TRACKS:1. BEAT ON THE BRAT(THE RAMONES)2. HARDEST BUTTON TO BUTTON(WHITE STRIPES)3. SEVEN NATION ARMY(WHITE STRIPES)4...
Keywords: lofi; remix; chopped and screwed; drag; version; schizoid ops; 2013; eye machine recordings; cincinnati; ohio; diy
Downloads: 159
[audio]Ralph K Ralph Minerals - Ralph K Ralph
Ralph K. Ralph"Minerals"download#RR012013eye machine recordingseyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comarchive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingseyemachinerecordings@gmail.comralphkralph.tumblr.comsample based noise and songtracklisting1. Pans Death Perfection/:432. Poor Folks/1:213. Dogs and Prawns/2:184. Lamb and Raptor/3:205. Plunder and Accent/:536. I'm Going To A City and Sombre Reptiles/:4:147. Compensation Ramp/:288...
Keywords: noise; sample; experimental; art; lofi; ralph k ralph; eye machine recordings; cincinnati; ohio; diy; USA; 2013; captain missouri
Downloads: 40
[audio]Schizoid Ops-Speed Stick august 2013
SCHIZOID OPSSPEED STICKonline releaseaugust 2013http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingseyemachinerecordings@gmail.comPaypal to clewis927@gmail.comremixes of: (LUDACRIS)(R STEVIE MOORE)(APPLES IN STEREO)(GUIDED BY VOICES)(EMINEM)(HANK WILLIAMS SR)(HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS)(TUPAC)total length: 54:591. ROLLOUT(LUDACRIS)2. I HOPE THAT YOU REMEMBER( R STEVIE MOORE)3...
Keywords: remix; remixes; remixed; chopped and screwed; diy; lofi; eye machine recordings; schizoid ops; 2013; ohio; cincinnati; lol
Downloads: 24
[audio]Schizoid Ops-Villagers august 2013
SCHIZOID OPSVILLAGERSaugust 2013eye machine recordingsonline releasehttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingshttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comeyemachinerecordings@gmail.comREMIXES OF SONGS BY:(MOUNTAIN GOATS)(DOUG MARTSCH)(EMINEM/DIDO)(EMINEM)(PINK FLOYD)(CAMPER VAN BEETHOVEN)(TUPAC)(BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD)(CAKE)(JOHN FRUSCIANTE)TOTAL TIME58:481. IF YOU SEE LIGHT(MOUNTAIN GOATS)2. HEART(DOUG MARTSCH)3...
Keywords: remix; remixes; chopped and screwed; schizoid ops; diy; lofi; cincinati; ohio; eye machine recordings; 2013
Downloads: 64
[audio]Schizoid Ops Everyday Midwestern Sludge august 2013
Keywords: remix; remixes; schizoid ops; chopped and screwed; eye machine recordings; diy; lofi; 2013
Downloads: 26
[audio]Schizoid Ops-Worldwide and International july 2013
SCHIZOID OPS"WORLDWIDE AND INTERNATIONAL"online releasejuly 2013eye machine recordingsCOLLECThttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingshttp://ralphkralph.tumblr.comCONTACThttp://www.facebook.com/captainmissourieyemachinerecordings@gmail.compopular song remixed/altered/violated on open source software by an anonymous DJ as SCHIZOID OPS.original artists: (SONIC YOUTH) (MODERN LOVERS) (THE SHINS) (FLYING BURRITO BROS)(OF MONTREAL)(NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL)(B...
Keywords: remix; remixes; remixed; chopped and screwed; lofi; diy; 2013; eye machine recordings; schizoid ops; lol; wtf
Downloads: 15
[audio]Schizoid Ops-Vitamin Laundry july 2013
Keywords: remix; remixes; remixed; chopped and screwed; 2013; schizoid ops; eye machine recordings; diy; lofi
Downloads: 36
[audio]Schizoid Ops-Ira Hayes july 2013
SCHIZOID OPS"IRA HAYES"online releasejuly 2013eye machine recordingslonghand title:RALPH K RALPH'S PRODUCTION DISCO PRESENTS:CAPTAIN MISSOURI'SSCHIZOID OPS"(TWO INCHES OF WATER IN A LONELY DITCH IS A GRAVE FOR) IRA HAYES"online releaseCOLLECThttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingshttp://ralphkralph.tumblr.comCONTACThttp://www.facebook.com/captainmissourieyemachinerecordings@gmail.comthis online release, "IRA HAYES" is by "SCHIZOID OPS"contains re...
Keywords: Schizoid ops; remix; remixes; remixed; chopped and screwed; copyright; 2013; eye machine recordings; diy; lofi; lol; jk; ohio; summer
Downloads: 35
[audio]Schizoid Ops-Gleaming Rapiers july 2013
SCHIZOID OPS"GLEAMING RAPIERS"july 2013eye machine recordingsapproximately one hourhttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingseyemachinerecordings@gmail.comREMIXES OF:DEVO/OF MONTREAL/SOLACE MEDIA CORPORATION/BOB DYLAN/JAY REATARD/JAMES GANG/EARL SWEATSHIRT/THE HOLD STEADYDONE BYRALPH K RALPH on OPEN SOURCE computer software in july 2013.."GLEAMING RAPIERS"TRACKLISTapproximately one hour1...
Keywords: remix; remixed; remixes; chopped and screwed; ralph ralph; schizoid ops; eye machine recordings; diy; lofi; 2013; copyright
Downloads: 19
[audio]Schizoid Ops-Futile Dictation july 2013
SCHIZOID OPS"FUTILE DICTATION"online releasejuly 2013eye machine recordingshttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingshttp://ralphkralph.tumblr.comeyemachinerecordings@gmail.comremixes by anonymous ralph ralph production disco july 2013remixes of:(BEATLES)(JACK WHITE)(DEL SHANNON)(BRAIN)(DANIEL JOHNSTON AND JAD FAIR)(THE GERBILS)TOTAL LENGthAPPROX 23 MINUTES 50 secondstracklisting:01 OLD BROWN SHOE(BEATLES)02 HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN(BEATLES)03 DIG A ...
Keywords: schizoid ops; remix; remixes; remixed; eye machine recordings; diy; lofi; ohio; 2013; captain missouri; ralph ralph
Downloads: 21
[audio]Schizoid Ops Dog Days of Summer July 2013
SCHIZOID OPS"DOG DAYS OF SUMMER"online releaseJuly 2013Eye machine recordingsCOLLECThttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingshttp://ralphkralph.tumblr.comCONTACThttp://www.facebook.com/captainmissourieyemachinerecordings@gmail.compopular song remixed/altered/violated on open source software by an anonymous DJ as SCHIZOID OPS.original artists include: BOB DYLAN/OUTKAST/REHAB/SIMON AND GARFUNKEL/TRACKLISTING1...
Keywords: schizoid ops; eye machine recordings; diy; lofi; captain missouri; 2013; cincinnati; chopped and screwed; remix
Downloads: 28
[audio]Brain-Stolen Ruins and Wick Paste - Captain Missouri and C. Russell Lewis
BRAIN"STOLEN RUINS AND WICK PASTE ABANDONED EPs"oct 2012-june 2013#b02Brain Archive Series, June 2013eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comarchive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingsbraincincinnati.blogspot.comeyemachinerecordings@yahoo.comsoundcloud.com/ralphkralphfacebook.com/lostallmyfingertipsA MEGA PACK OF SEVERAL DELETED EPs FROM THIS PAST WINTER AND SPRING.22 TRACKSSOME PREVIOUSLY RELEASED ON OTHER ALBUMS LIMITED TO ANALOG VERSIONSi.e...
Keywords: brain; archive; tape; abandoned; EP; stolen ruins and wick paste; lofi; pop; reissue; compilation; digital; analog; cassette; lofi; underground; DIY; cincinnati; ohio; captain missouri; c russell lewis
Downloads: 74 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Mechanical Stress Ensemble-Eminent Ataxia - Craig Russell Lewis
Mechanical Stress Ensemble"Eminent Ataxia"c30release #mse02may/june 2013eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comclewis927@gmail.comarchive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingsMechanical Stress Ensemble is solo project of Craig Russell Lewis.Side A;1. Donated Weavesjune 20132. Jan Swaammerdaan pt.1may 2013Side B;1. Jan Swaammerdaan pt. 2may 20132. Shrink Wrap Business Planjune 2013copyright 2013 craig russell lewisMechanical Stress EnsembleEminent Ataxiac30release #mse02may/june 2013, Eye Machine Recordin...
Keywords: c russell lewis; electronics; noise; homemade; diy; circuit bending; experimental; lofi; cassette; tape; ohio; cincinnati; eye machine recordings; brain; underground; 2013; midwest; USA
Downloads: 17
[audio]Schizoid Ops-White People - Schizoid Ops
"WHITE PEOPLE"remixes/etc46 minutesJuly 2013Eye Machine RecordingsNon numbered, online releasework done on computers by ralph k ralphchopped/screwed/etchttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingshttp://ralphkralph.tumblr.comTOTAL TIME 46 MINUTESTRACKLIST01. I TRIED (bone thugs n harmony)(8:26)02. FUCK THA WORLD (lil wayne)(7:41)03. TWISTIN THE NITE AWAY (sam cooke)(6:05)04...
Keywords: schizoid ops; remix; chopped and screwed; drag mix; nasty; lo fi; diy; underground; schizoid ops; captain missouri; ralph k ralph; piracy; copyright; sample; cough syrup; 2013; eye machine recordings; ohio; cincinnati; USA; folk
Downloads: 31
[audio]Mechanical Stress Ensemble-Contact Isolation and Five Finger Alert - Craig Russell Lewis
MECHANICAL STRESS ENSEMBLE"CONTACT ISOLATION PLUS FIVE FINGER ALERT!"c30/downloadhttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingsclewis927@gmail.comjune 2013, eye machine recordingsM.S.E is the solo electronics project of C RUSSELL LEWIS. This is one of a pair of tapes released under this name so fair in 2013.TRACKLIST1. Mechanical Stresses (18:12)2. Shoulder Review (7:38)http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recor...
Keywords: c russell lewis; noise; electronics; circuit bending; analog; tape; cassette; diy; lofi; homemade; craig lewis; brain; eye machine recordings; experimental; contact mics; electronic projects; homemade instruments; 2013; ohio
Downloads: 15
[audio]Schizoid Ops-Liars Chair - Schizoid Ops
SCHIZOID OPS"LIARS CHAIR"albumJULY 2013eye machine recordingseyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comralphkralph.tumblr.comarchive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingseyemachinerecordings@gmail.comREMIXES/ETc CREATED ON OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE by ralph k. ralphoriginal tracks by: RL BURNSIDE/SILVER APPLES/BEN FOLDS FIVE/THE LOVIN SPOONFUL/SEBADOH/THE MUSICAL YOUTH/FRANK ZAPPA AND THE MOTHERS OF INVENTION/THE FUGEES/THE KINKS/etctotal length: 56:3301 SPOILED (5:27)(sebadoh)02 HEARTBREAKER (6:47) (musical you...
Keywords: remix; chopped and screwed; noise; schizoid ops; captain missouri; eye machine recordings; diy; lofi; ralph ralph; cincinnati; ohio; underground; free; cassette; audacity; open source; 2013
Downloads: 31
[audio]C Russell Lewis-Bone Dust EP - Craig Russell Lewis
C. Russell LewisBONE DUST epjune 2013eye machine recordings14 minutes 7 secondsreleased physically as part of the SINK! TIME FREAK cdrhttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comclewis927@gmail.comhttp://archive.org/details/eye-machine-recordingsORIGINAL POP MUSIC BY C RUSSELL LEWIStracklist:14 minutes 7 seconds1. I Stand Around/2:482. Apt to Leave Minerva/:583. Dust Bone/:594. Jones Periphery/1:454. Fuck You Alternative/1:566...
Keywords: c russell lewis; lo fi; EP; pop; underground; diy; cincinnati; ohio; craig lewis; brain; cassette; tape; eye machine recordings
Downloads: 14
[audio]Brain-Phat Minute - Ralph K. Ralph/C. Russell Lewis
release #b01BRAIN"Phat Minute"c30may/june 2013eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comeyemachinerecordings@gmail.comon this tape BRAIN is:Ralph K. Ralph-guitars/vocals/electronics/tapes/drums/songs/etceteraandC. Russell Lewis-electronics/drums/tapes/guitars/technician/etcetera(brain since 2008)contains the following songs:1. Dogtag For Prostitutes2. Absolutely Fluid Measurement3. Spit in the Rain Gauge4. Radio Flyer5...
Keywords: brain; phat minute; cassette; rock; pop; lofi; lo fi; diy; DIY; home recording; tape; four track; captain missouri; ralph ralph; c russell lewis; cincinnati; ohio; basement; phat minute; eye machine recordings; brain house; underground; weird; strange; midwest; american; music; folk; noise; experimental; avant garde; wobbly; 2013; lostallmyfingertips
Downloads: 33
[audio]Schizoid Ops DJ - Ralph K Ralph
SCHIZOID OPS"DJ"chops/screws/remixes etcrelease #so01june 2013 eye machine recordingsonlinetotal time around one hour1. FROM A BALANCE BEAM 1:432. FUCKED UP/SLOOP JOHN B 4:443. EVERYTIME I SEE HIM 6:174. ITCHYCOO PARK 4:555. THEY SCHOOLS 4:146. DEATH AND THE MAIDEN 11:17BONUS TRACKS 7. NEIGHBOR, NEIGHBOR 5:358. START OF SOMETHING 12:519. BEATNIK 2:2310. I SHALL NOT BE MOVED 4:23original artists whose works were sampled include: bright eyes, dead prez, the beach boys, charlie daniels band, the sm...
Keywords: schizoid ops; captain missouri; eye machine recordings; mashup; remix; chopped and screwed; drag mix; experimental; noise; pop music; samples; copyright; dj; june 2013; 2013; ralph ralph; diy; lo fi; DIY; lofi; cincinnati; ohio; computer; audacity; weed king; slow
Downloads: 35
[audio]Chlorine Gunsmoke #8 - Chlorine Gunsmoke
CHLORINE GUNSMOKE #8CHLORINE GUNSMOKE #8CHLORINE GUNSMOKE #8full downloadmay 2013, eye machine recordingsSUBMITTED AND FOUND WORKS OF ART (WORDS/IMAGES/ETC) WHICH DISPLAY PERSPECTIVE. COMPILED BY RALPH K RALPH, MAY 2013http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comhttp://chlorinegunsmoke.tumblr.comhttp://www.facebook.com/chlorinegunsmokesubmit your work to:eyemachinerecordings@gmail.comCHLORINE GUNSMOKE #8CHLORINE GUNSMOKE #8CHLORINE GUNSMOKE #8full download
Keywords: submissions; editorial; zine; literature; underground; eye machine recordings; ralph ralph; captain missouri; subversive; weird; diy; DIY; chlorine gunsmoke; magazine; net art; perspective; found art; collage; poetry; letters; historic; publication; mbd; drawings; childrens art
Downloads: 23
[audio]Captain Missouri-Alaska'd c20 - Captain Missouri
CAPTAIN MISSOURIALASKA'd c20may 2013 eye machine recordingsuniquely packaged in edition of tenincludes original songs:ALASKA/CEDAR LOGGED/ROBBERY/SEAHORSE/SEVENTY SEVEN/TRAFFIC COP/WIT/ and WITH IT listen to in whatever order you pleaseby CAPTAIN MISSOURI aka Ralph K. Ralph...copyright s. tetrault, 2013http://ralphkralph.tumblr.comhttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comhttp://captainmissouri.tumblr.comcontact at eyemachinerecordings@gmail.com
Keywords: lofi; lo fi; cassette; captain missouri; alaska'd; c20; folk; tenor guitar; weird; outsider; diy; underground; ohio; cincinnati; brain; eye machine recordings; ralph ralph; cassette; tape; netlabel; pop music; pop; noise; experimental; avant garde; america; folk; acoustic; strange; raw; steven tetrault; etcetera
Downloads: 19
[audio]The Information You Requested - Ralph K. Ralph
The information you requested.by Ralph K. Ralph, June 201330 pages ebook of Poetry, etchttp://ralphkralph.tumblr.compublished byeyemachinerecordingshttp://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.comcontact:eyemachinerecordings@gmail.com
Keywords: ralph ralph; poetry; ebook; poems; found art; humument; the information you requested; 2013; diy; lofi; eye machine recordings; captain missouri; cincinnati; weird; underground; collage; self published; chlorine gunsmoke; literature; verse; writing
Downloads: 14
[audio]Great Lakes Megalopolis - Captain Missouri
SCHIZOID OPS "GREAT LAKES MEGALOPOLIS" online EP jan 2013 to be on a future c40split eye machine recordings release # MP312 http://schizoidops.blogspot.com http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com total length 20:05 ONE. YOU TALK TOO MUCH 1.52 TWO. THE POSTULATOR'S ROLODEX 3.35 THREE. INDIAN GIVER 1.19 FOUR. W/IN U W/OUT U 1.55 FIVE. SATYR 3.29 SIX. HERE I STAND KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR 2.49 SEVEN. HOUSE UNAMERICAN BLUES ACTIVITY DREAM 5.03 http://youtu.be/iXG-m7HbGuw
Keywords: schizoid ops; remix; noise; experimental; mashup; sample; plunderphonics; eye machine recordings; captain missouri; 2013; great lakes megalopolis; online release; ohio; diy; cincinnati
Downloads: 229
[audio]House Unamerican Blues Activity Dream - Captain Missouri
captain missouri creates this terrible remix and stolen gif collage for richard and mimi farina's song "House Unamerican Blues Activity Dream" as performed on pete seegers rainbow quest program in the early 60s the images you see were stolen off various websites http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com http://youtu.be/iXG-m7HbGuw
Keywords: eye machine recordings; captain missouri; video; gif; glitch; collage; 2013; cincinnati; ohio; diy; schizoid ops; remix; drag; chopped; screwed; house unamerican blues activity dream; richard and mimi farina; underground
Downloads: 66
[audio]Nathan Staplegun by Nathan Stapleton - Nathan Stapleton
full text of "NATHAN STAPLEGUN" written word by NATHAN STAPLETON jan 2013 eye machine recordings http://nathanstaplegun.tumblr.com http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com FULL TEXT: ONE "NATHAN STAPLEGUN" BY NATHAN STAPLETON 2012/2013 ---------------------------------------- TWO PUBLISHED BY EYE MACHINE RECORDINGS JAN 2013 http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com ---------------------------------------- THREE gushy bio of mr staplegun Nathan Stapleton is a person that currently resides in Washi...
Keywords: nathan stapleton; nathan staplegun; eye machine recordings; poems; poetry; 2012; 2013
Downloads: 3
[audio]Chewin On Yer Corpulence - C Russell Lewis
CHEWIN ON YER CORPULENCE written work by C RUSSELL LEWIS 2012 published by EYE MACHINE RECORDINGS jan 2013 INCLUDED HERE IS JPEGS OF ALL THE ORIGINAL PICTURES OF THE POEMS http://chewinonyercorpulence.tumblr.com http://crusselllewis.blogspot.com http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com
Keywords: poems; eye machine recordings; cincinnati; c russell lewis
Downloads: 7
[audio]Circus Lions - Brain
Brain Circus Lions release #mp311 online single http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com c russell lewis-saxophone, guitar, electronics captain missouri-voice, guitar, electronics tracklisting 01. CIRCUS LIONS (cm) 02. FOAM STOVE, ARROW (cm)
Keywords: brain; eye machine recordings; captain missouri; 2012; diy; lofi; underground; single; c. russell lewis; circus lions; foam stove arrow; ohio
Downloads: 242
[audio]Uncle Dave Lewis at Rakes End December 28 2012 - Uncle Dave Lewis
video of Uncle Dave Lewis at Rakes End December 28 2012 http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWD8uF30woyvSl6BTafTJOwuBas8WmBH4
Keywords: uncle dave lewis
Downloads: 16
[audio]Birthdays Live October 9 2012 - Birthdays
this is boston based band BIRTHDAYS playing a set at the Brain House in cincinnati, ohio on october 9 2012 http://birthdays.bandcamp.com http://littlespoon.bandcamp.com/ video recorded by c. russell lewis on an "android phone" http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com the show was on the night of october 9 2012.. other acts playing that night were LITTLE SPOON/BIRTHDAYS/MOLD LOAF/SAILING STONES/EX LIBRIS you can youtube this video at http://youtu.be/MmEB2X7QLDI
Keywords: live video; diy; basement show; 2012; birthdays; cincinnati; brain house; boston; little spoon; eye machine recordings
Downloads: 19
[audio]Saturation Saturday - Various Artists
Saturation Saturday International Compilation June-Dec 2012, Eye Machine Recordings eye machine release #cd011 http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com/p/compilations.htm curated by captain missouri submit to more comps and contact: eyemachinerecordings@yahoo.com this compilation made up of recordings from around the world.. the only conditions were that the artist of the track considered it to be "lofi" or something like that cause FIDELITY IS AN INSTRUM...
Keywords: lofi; lo fi; eye machine recordings; saturation saturday; compilation; diy; cincinnati; 2012; nofi; cassette; found; various artists; international; captain missouri
Downloads: 73
[audio]Copy Wrong #2 - Copy Wrong #II
COPY WRONG #2 Submission Compilation/Various Artists Jan 2013 Eye Machine Recordings release #cd010 http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com/p/cassette-compilations.html Submissions collected via email by Captain Missouri july-december 2012. the guidelines were that the track must contain uncredited samples from copyrighted material of any kind sound is public property Cover image by Rafael Gonzalez+Captain Missouri, september 2012...
Keywords: copy wrong; eye machine recordings; lofi; compilation; submission; copyright; plunderphonics; noise; sample; internet; cassette; cincinnati; 2013; 2012
Downloads: 227
[audio]ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA - Be A Richer Man
eye machine recordings presents: BE A RICHER MAN ALPHA BETA GAMMA DELTA online release, Dec 2012 release #mp310 find streaming here+soon download free on archive.org tks I-IV ALPHA (11:40) BETA (2:50) GAMMA (3:29) DELTA (11:14) total time: 29 minutes and some odd seconds TRACKS FROM 2010/2011. RECORDED ONTO DIRTY AGED + USED TAPE IN LIVING ROOM, CINCINNATI OHIO. CONVERTED TO MEGABYTE DEC 2012. MINOR POST PRODUCTION ALTERATIONS PERFORMED BY CAPTAIN MISSOURI...
Keywords: eye machine recordings; home recording; lofi; jam; tape; cassette; ensemble; improv; be a richer man; alpha beta gamma delta; 2011; 2010; sounds abound; slow; stoner; sludge; cincinnati; diy; underground; amateur
Downloads: 88
[audio]Lepus Man No Lights This Year - Lepus Man
LEPUS MAN NO LIGHTS THIS YEAR single, dec 20 2012 release #mp39 written/performed by lepus man submitted via email w/ explicit request to bill artist only as "Lepus Man" to EYE MACHINE RECORDINGS http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com release #mp39 dec 2012
Keywords: lepus man; lo fi; home recording; holiday; christmas; eye machine recordings; cincinnati; ohio; suburbs; underground; diy; 2012; december; mp3
Downloads: 21
[audio]Gerbil Feed - Schizoid Ops
Schizoid Ops Gerbil Feed Nov 2012 EYE MACHINE RECORDINGS label http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com SCHIZOID OPS artist http://schizoidops.blogspot.com 1. I See A Darkness 2. Bone Soup, Soup Made of Bones 3. Fatlip Redux 4. Fools Gold Is Not A Land Mine 5. Food Court 6. Sunday Morning Coming Down 7. Just What I Kneaded
Keywords: schizoid ops; ep; 2012; eye machine recordings; cincinnati; diy; mashup; noise; samples; captain missouri
Downloads: 115
[audio]CAPTAIN MISSOURI YUNG CRIME - Captain Missouri
Keywords: captain missouri; yung crime; ebook; 2012; eye machine recordings
Downloads: 3
[audio]Mold Loaf 03 Bureaucracy - Mold Loaf
ML03 Mold Loaf Bureaucracy digital EP Nov 2012 Mold Loaf Worldwide http://moldloaf.blogspot.com http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com 1. Hypoglycemic Buying Power (2:00) 2. Standing Weight (2:32) 3. I Went Up The Mountain (1:14) 4. As Stoic As Lactose (2:22) 5. Starch (1:33)
Keywords: mold loaf; eye machine recordings; 2012; improv; noise; lofi
Downloads: 78
[audio]Chlorine Gunsmoke IV - Chlorine Gunsmoke
Keywords: chlorine gunsmoke; poetry; collage; photography; eye machine recordings; cincinnati; december; 2012; diy
Downloads: 16
[audio]Bone Soup, Soup Made of Bones - Captain Missouri
BONE SOUP, SOUP MADE OF BONES video collage by captain missouri w/ noise by schizoid ops, nov 2012.. visuals sourced from gifs on world wide web. http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com http://captainmissouri.blogspot.com http://schizoidops.blogspot.com
Keywords: eye machine recordings; cincinnati; video; captain missouri; glitch; gif; 2012; november; max capacity; tumblr; youtube; video art; schizoid ops; diy; homemade
Downloads: 42
[audio]Shrine God EP - Bernard Parsons
shrine-god e.p nov 2012 c011 eye machine recordings http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com http://ritualaid.tumblr.com guitar, horns, vox bernard parsons, i heart huckabees, thanks to the people that kept me alive thanks to Dan Heed, drums and vocals, "Don't Stop Breathing shrine is bernard parsons. 1 God is Nothing 2 Turn Away 3 Ropes and Knives 4 Possession 5 I Am The Idiot 6 Dead Word 7 Waterwheel 8 Pilot 9 Don't Stop Breathing 10 Crooked 11 Leave This World
Keywords: shrine; eye machine recordings; columbus; cincinnati; cassette; 2012; lofi; acoustic; homerecorded; ohio; diy
Downloads: 36
[audio]Chlorine Gunsmoke 3
CHLORINE GUNSMOKE #3-NOV 2012-âFOUND IN TRASH EDITIONâ features photos + childrens artwork from 1960s-1990s found in suburban trash bins, USA a publication of eye machine recordings http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com http://chlorinegunsmoke.tumblr.com http://www.facebook.com/chlorinegunsmoke
Keywords: eye machine recordings; 2012; chlorine gunsmoke; found art; trash; childrens art; diy
Downloads: 11
[audio]Freaking Out With Bombs LP - Hat Goblin
Hat Goblin Freaking Out With Bombs mp3 or wav album November 2012 release #MP37 EYE MACHINE RECORDINGS label http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com HAT GOBLIN streaming songs http://youtube.com/cashmouse HAT GOBLIN is Chris Bading, a solo musician + more from the eastern borough of Mt. Washington in Cincinnati, Ohio. Records and writes unique + personal music regarding love and other things as himself as well as with his band SAILING STONES...
Keywords: eye machine recordings; 2012; lofi; demo; LP; hat goblin; rock; pop; sailing stones; cincinnati; diy; home recording
Downloads: 56
[audio]Schizoid Ops White Castle - Schizoid Ops
Schizoid Ops | White Castle Oct 2012 Eye Machine Recordings mp36 c011 http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com http://schizoidops.blogspot.com eyemachinerecordings@yahoo.com approx 20:09 1. Dodgems (2:23) (released as single) 2. Nostril (0:41) (released as single) 3. Pidgens (0:37) (unreleased) 4. Stigmata of the Stillborn (1:09) (unreleased) 5. Mars Relax (1:33) (unreleased) 6. Hip Hop (3:03 (also on Saturation Saturday comp) 7...
Keywords: schizoid ops; eye machine recordings; 2012; white castle; download; free; remix; noise
Downloads: 102
[audio]Compound Polypropylene Cone Side B - Brain
Brain Compound Polypropylene Cone c30 Oct 2012 eye machine recordings release # c010 http://braincincinnati.blogspot.com http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com eyemachinerecordings@yahoo.com Captain Missouri-Guitar/Keys/Vocals/Songs/Production C. Russell Lewis-Drums/Guitar/Noise/Production Side A (recorded sep 29 2012 on 4 tk tapes) approx 14:05 1. Black Hail in the Catskills 2. Refrain Refrain 3...
Keywords: brain; eye machine recordings; captain missouri; cassette; lofi; lo fi; ohio; diy; 2012; cincinnati; tape; underground
Downloads: 51
[audio]Compound Polypropylene Cone Side A - Brain
Brain Compound Polypropylene Cone c30 Oct 2012 eye machine recordings release # c010 http://braincincinnati.blogspot.com http://eyemachinerecordings.blogspot.com Captain Missouri-Guitar/Keys/Vocals/Songs/Production C. Russell Lewis-Drums/Guitar/Noise/Production Side A (recorded sep 29 2012 on 4 tk tapes) approx 14:05 1. Black Hail in the Catskills 2. Refrain Refrain 3. Oyster-19 4. Time + Chinese Fingerlocks 5...
Keywords: brain; eye machine recordings; captain missouri; cassette; lofi; lo fi; ohio; diy; 2012; cincinnati; tape; underground
Downloads: 81
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